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  • Thursday, July 16, 2009

    Burrito's "South of the Border Redneck Ribs"

    You'll need - 1 rack of Pork Spare Ribs

    The night before your cookout prep the ribs with Burrito's Secret Rub!
    Get your wife's favorite Tupperware bowl (large size) and put in the following -

    1 cup of Brown Sugar (for that southern love)
    1/2 cup of Paprika (for some spicy lovin’)
    1/2 cup of Black Pepper ( ground )
    1/2 cup of Salt
    1/2 cup of Ground Mustard (keep the rub together)
    1/2 cup of Chili Powder (yup don't be a sissy use it!)
    1/2 cup of Garlic Powder (no breath mints)
    1/2 cup of Adobe Mexican Seasoning (for the south of the border vibe)
    1/4 cup of Oregano (ground)

    Put all of this and mix it good (real good!)

    Now before you place the rub you must have to remove the thin membrane that is on the under side of the ribs. This is done easily by using a paper towel to pull off the membrane. If this is not done your ribs will be tough.

    After you have prepped your ribs, it's time to put the rub on. Now it gets messy!

    Place the rack of ribs on a cooking sheet or a cutting board and start rubbing in the rub. DO NOT PAT IT. RUB IT IN. Then, after you have rubbed one side, place it in a deep roasting pan that has saran wrap at the bottom and place the side of the rack or ribs that has the rub facing the saran wrap. Then continue to apply the rub on the exposed side. When you are done make sure the rack of ribs is cover tightly with saran wrap, then wrap the ribs with tin foil. Place in fridge at least 7-24 hours before cooking. This will allow the rub to marinate .

    The day of your cookout -

    Take ribs out of the fridge. Open up the foil and remove the saran wrap. While you have the foil open pour in a 1/4 cup of tap water or you can use a 1/4 of lemon juice. This will keep the ribs moist and add to the rub.

    Wrap the ribs back up with the foil and pre heat your oven at 300 degrees. When the oven is ready place ribs (in the roasting pan) into the oven for 3 hours. When the 3 hours are up take out the ribs and throw them onto your bar-b-que grill. With the heat on low place the ribs on the grill using your favorite bar-b-que sauce as a basting sauce. Grill for 20 min or so on each side and then EAT THEM !!!!!

    David "Burrito" Villalpando