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  • Monday, September 7, 2009



    1/4 kg gula merah
    1 1/2 oz granulated sugar

    Heat gula merah and sugar to a boil in sauce pan, add pandan to this (2 leaves or get the pandan essence--I would use 1 tsp), then set aside.

    Mix together 1 part hunkwe powder mix w/4 parts water & add a few drops of green coloring, cook over low heat, constantly stirring until liquid begins to become clear and begins to thicken.

    Prepare a pan of cold water and put wire strainer over this, pour pudding into strainer and allow to fall as drops into cold water. Now add approx 16 oz of thick santan to liquid sugar mixture, and add your cendol drops to the santan mixture along with crushed ice.

    Submitted by Donna de Quilettes