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  • Thursday, December 15, 2011

    Grandma's English Trifle, A Christmas Treat

    Every Christmas, when our writers' group meets for the last time of the year, our friend Marilyn graces the table with her Mom's famous English Trifle. It has become a tradition. Well, this year she got pretty busy with life, and our meeting place was sort of a last-minute thing, therefore, no trifle. But, she forked up the recipe for which I am forever grateful. So please, enjoy!


    pic by Dlublink

    Jello (large size - any flavor) Strawberry or black cherry are good
    Lady Fingers or pound cake
    Jam or Jelly (any flavor) I like raspberry
    Wine (Non-alcoholic Ariel)
    Frozen strawberries or Berry Medley
    Fruit cocktail
    (I like fresh orange or tangerine too)
    Vanilla pudding (Bird pudding) or homemade
    Cool Whip - large size
    maraschino cherries (well drained)
    Walnut bits
    Mint leaves


    Split lady fingers and spread with jelly, drizzle with two tablespoons wine over this (to lighten).

    Line a large glass bowl with lady fingers. Make jello according to recipe on box (using juice from fruit cocktail for part of liquid). Refrigerate until slightly thickened then pour over lady fingers. Let set until quite firm then add the fruit.

    Over this pour the cooled pudding. Spread with Cool Whip and decorate with the maraschino cherries, nuts and mint leaves. Cover tightly with Saran Wrap and refrigerate until serving time. When serving use a long handled spoon that can reach to the bottom permitting each serving to have some of each ingredient.

    My friend from England made this delicious dessert for us one Christmas. It has been a favorite in our family ever since. I sometimes make it for other special occasions and it never fails to receive raves.


    You can use lots of different kinds of fruit, I believe the term "trifle" came from English ladies using a trifle of this and a trifle of that. When I make it I usually put some jello, then some fruit, then more jello, etc. I use whipping cream instead of Cool Whip.


    Pat Stockett Johnston said...

    Sounds nice and moist. My last trifle was too dry.