Welcome Diners!

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  • Wednesday, July 22, 2009

    Kitchen Window

    Sunlight on the lemon tree,
    Old dog sleeping in the corner,
    Dreaming of rabbit hunts,
    Twitches in her sleep.

    House is clean enough if you ignore the shower,
    Plants are watered, dishes done.

    Rain from last night’s storm still drips from the eaves
    Blue jays perch and sway on the Chinese elm
    Beady eyes searching for foolhardy earthworms down on the ground
    Fat squirrels drag avocados around
    And fight like six year olds
    Whose avocado is whose
    Guys! There are enough for all of you!

    There’s one cup of coffee left in the pot,
    And the phone hasn’t rung once.
    Can there be anything more pleasant than this?

    An excellent time to ignore the paint chipping off the window sill and think about
    defrosting something for dinner . . .

    Deanne Davis
    (copyright, Deanne Davis, 2009)