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  • Sunday, May 16, 2010

    Lunch With Mike Summers

    The Fried Bologna Sandwich Mikey Style

    Two slices of bread, buttered
    Three slices of bologna, sliced open from the center out (Fine, be a rebel and go from the outside in... WHATEVER!!!)
    You have to do this or the bologna will warp and be all funny shaped and harder to work with.

    one cheese slice
    one egg at least . . .
    Salt and pepper at least too!

    Fry the bologna in your skillet on medium low heat. After turning the bologna a couple times, overlap two of the pieces and lay down your cheese slice and cover that with the remaining slice of bologna.

    Move to one slice of the buttered bread and fry the egg(s). Add your salt and pepper and move that to your sliced bologna and cheese. Close sandwich.

    With two hands, raise the sandwich toward your own mouth. Open mouth, stuff with sandwich and bite. Try to keep fingers and thumbs away from the teeth.