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  • Wednesday, May 19, 2010

    Cooking With Mike Summers: Leafy Greens and Turnips

    So you don't like Turnips eh?

    I only have the most remote memory of my mother mashing the turnip into our mashed spuds. And as I recall, I didn't care too much for them then.

    So a friend gave us a turnip along with some leafy greens.

    Over night I stewed away on just what to do with this poor wretched turnip.

    I even sought the help of my friends. Alas, only a link to another recipe site. I looked but these were way too complex for a guy that just wants something to eat. And it was handy. Now what?

    Well, when all else fails, slice it and fry it.

    I sliced thick and crooked, but next time I will attack it with my mandolin. However, no matter.

    Take your turnip and slice it top to bottom in 1/8 inch thick slices, or you can cut it into irregularly shaped chunks. Either way will work apparently. I know cause I tried both.

    In a skillet, melt a generous amount of butter or margarine and place the slices in the pan. I flipped mine immediately and applied salt and pepper to the now buttered tops. Brown a bit and flip. Re-apply salt and pepper. Brown to finish on that side flip and finish browning the turnip. If you decided to pan fry the chunks, keep them moving and flipping around like you would with pan fried potato. Salt and pepper these as you cook.

    When they are done, drain them, lift from the pan to your plate, bowl or whatever you eat off of.

    Taste them. When I did, they were not bad. But they were BLAAAAAAAAAAND!!! They screamed "HELP ME HELP ME!!"

    So I generously applied ordinary white vinegar to them. If you are European or from recent European stock, you know what vinegar is and how to use it in other than pickles.

    You Americans mind you... I went to a McDonalds in Blaine Wash and asked for vinegar for my fries. You would have thought I was exposing myself. (A scary sight) The whole store went dead quiet. Apparently vinegar is used in direct cooking, but not as a garnish like ketchup.

    Anyway, try it. It was awesome. So awesome in fact that I AM going to do this again . . . on purpose.

    Do you need a vinegar sprinkle bottle? I took an ordinary pop bottle cap and punched a small hole in the center. Poured some vinegar into the clean bottle and screwed the cap back on. Et viola! Instant vinegar bottle for cheap. Free actually.

    I licence Gtargirl Debby to full rights to this should she decide she wants it.