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  • Friday, September 4, 2009

    A Poem: Fruitcake

    (Most Maligned and Misunderstood)

    Thou fruitcake filled with nuts and such,
    Raisins, cherries and bourbon punch.
    I pull thee from the oven, warm,
    And tempting odors ‘round me swarm

    Thou fruitcake, drunken though thou be,
    Spell Christmas joy, and Fa La to me.
    Wrapt in tin foil, ribbon’d round,
    Treasures within thee abound! Abound!

    The Holly and the Ivy, the wondrous festive tree,
    The presents, children, cards and fun,
    Would be hollow, empty, joyless, undone,
    Without thy presence, sliced and ready,
    To share the eggnog… now steady! Steady!

    Thou fruitcake, though thou add to hip,
    And thigh and tummy and lovehandle grip,
    We could not, would not, proceed without
    Thy moist and tender presence
    Nay! Nay! We shout, it’s fruitcake, fruitcake!
    That we’re mad about

    So mail the fruitcakes far and near,
    And spread the calories and holiday cheer.
    Ah, thou fruitcake filled with nuts and such,
    I think the best part is your bourbon punch.

    ©Deanne Davis, September 4, 2009 (Rev. 11/12/85)