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  • Monday, May 31, 2010

    She Christened it Chicken Salsa

    We're Cooking With Jeanne

    This Day I Am Declaring My Independence from Food today I am declaring independence. I am declaring myself independent from the food that has controlled me for years. I can honestly say at almost 60 I have never been successful for any length of time. But as I approach the magic milestone that will forever condemn me to the peer group known as Elderly, oops, I meant Senior, I will change.

    Bill had a appointment with his cardiologist today and his cholesterol was 121 down from 131 in January. Since the doctor wanted it down to 80, we suck. He has heart problems, I am plump. He is borderline diabetic, I am actually more than plump. He has been unofficially told he needs to improve on the position he has held for 38 years, but no improvement will be enough. I work as the spirit moves. The future is calling, (what's left of it) and changes are coming. Tonight I am declaring myself ready for the challenge. Publicly. Fortunately I have no readers.

    I don't want to eat diet meals. I don't want to weigh and measure and I hate to cook. I really, really hate to cook, but I don't want prepared foods full of chemicals. I put two frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts in a frying pan, turned them low, covered them and went back to my knitting while I watched Oprah. An hour later I went in and saw them bubbling in broth, looking anemic and ugly. I couldn't even begin to think what to fix with it. They stared back at me.

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