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  • Wednesday, September 30, 2015


    Soto Ayam is a family favorite, even my kids love it. And it's soooo easy. Soto Ayam is soup, but good enough for a complete meal. However, one must follow the simple steps to put this meal together.

    First, in order, the ...


    1 pkg. Vermicelli (cooked)
    Sprouts (raw)...
    or Cabbage (cooked)     
    Green onions
    Fried onions (not Durkey)
    Hard boiled eggs

    The Chicken
    4 legs
    4 thighs
    Chicken Bullion to taste
    Cook chicken in about 6 cups of water with Bullion
    Take cooked chicken out of pan
    Sift the water through a strainer into a clean pan 
    De-bone chicken 
    Cut into wonderful big chunks, set aside

    The Soup
    Water from the chicken
    1 pkg. of Soto Ayam Soup Powder (to taste)
    Add the chicken chunks

    In your soup bowl add 
    (in order)
    • vermicelli
    • sprouts and/or cabbage (or both)
    • green onions
    • the chicken soup
    • fried onions
    • squeeze lime juice over
    • peel and cut in half a hard boiled egg, place on side
    And there you have it: Soto Ayam, Indo style.

    Some people like to eat this with white rice. Just scoop rice into the bottom of bowl and add everything else on top of that.

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